UK Govt Fail to Criminalise Solidarity with Kurds.

By Mark Campbell All charges against Jim Matthews in relation to his time spent fighting against ISIS alongside the Kurdish led resistance in Northern Syria have been abandoned by the UK govt after they attempted to criminalise solidarity shown to the Kurds heroic fight against Daesh. UK volunteers who have fought against ISIS have been systematically harassed by the govt's security forces including house raids, confiscation of technology such as mobile phones and laptops and in the case of Jim Matthews charges brought under the label of 'terrorism' even though the UK govt are supposed to be part of the 'coalition against ISIS' with the Kurds.  Continue reading

Durham Miners' Gala supports freedom for Abdullah Öcalan

  This weekend at the Durham Miners’ Gala, the international theme will be the campaign to release Abdullah Öcalan, the Kurdish political prisoner and founding leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). As we approach 20 years of Öcalan’s incarceration in solitary confinement on the island prison of Imrali, it is of huge significance that one of the biggest festivals of trade union and workers movements in Europe continues its tradition of international solidarity by putting front and centre the revolutionary who transformed the Kurdish liberation movement. Continue reading

Former YPG volunteers back protest against Tommy Robinson march

As former members of the armed forces of the YPG who left the UK and volunteered to fight the Islamic extremist group ISIS, we wish to make it clear we oppose attempts by the Far Right to co-opt the fight against ISIS and Jihadism, and we support the counter demonstration against the upcoming right-wing mobilisation on the 14th July.  Continue reading

"Let's win together": Selahattin Demirtaş campaign speech from Edirne Prison

Full text of Presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş' speech, published on June 6th, 2018 via a call from Edirne Prison Continue reading

Open letter to Theresa May on her "Kurdish terrorism" comments

Ali Has, a Kurdish solicitor and expert on terrorism and the Criminal Justice System has written this open letter to the Prime Minister over her use of the phrase "Kurdish terrorism" during her joint press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Please read and share. Continue reading

Friends of Anna Campbell Occupy Arms Company

Friends of a female British fighter who was killed by Turkish forces are 27 hours into an occupation of the roof of an Airbus facility in Filton, Bristol, after camping on the roof overnight. Continue reading

British anti-ISIS fighters and Kurdish activists drop huge banner on Westminster Bridge and accuse Theresa May of welcoming a war criminal and ISIS supporter to Downing Street

British anti-ISIS fighters and Kurdish activists drop huge banner on Westminster Bridge and accuse Theresa May of welcoming a war criminal and ISIS supporter to Downing Street Continue reading

President Erdoğan UK state visit

The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign is organising a massive protest on Tuesday 15th May outside Downing Street to oppose their hosting of war criminal, terrorist and ISIS-supporting President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is due to arrive on Sunday 13th May for a 3 day visit. Continue reading

Lowkey, don't go to Turkey!

After being asked by Kurdish campaigners to boycott an event at Istanbul Zaim University, we sent this open letter to Lowkey, the left-wing rapper and campaigner. Continue reading

Write to your MP to demand repatriation of Anna Campbell

On 15th March, a Turkish airstrike hit the convoy in which British citizen Anna Campbell was travelling in Afrin. Although Anna died immediately, her body lies in the same spot where she died due to the continued fighting and occupation of Afrin - her YPJ comrades attempted to recover her body as well as the other YPJ volunteers killed in the airstrike but they came under fire themselves and had to retreat. Please use this letter template to write to your local MP to demand an immediate ceasefire in Afrin to allow for the safe passage of Anna Campbell's body back home to England. Continue reading