May Day message from Kurdish and Turkish socialists in Britain

May Day 2019 message from the Unity of Democratic Forces, the platform for 26 Turkish and Kurdish socialist organisations in the UK, working together to raise awareness on the political developments in Turkey and Kurdistan. Continue reading

Motion to support Kurdish hunger strikers

A template motion to take to your union or Labour Party branch or constituency party, or council meeting, to show solidarity with the hunger striker's demands and call for action. Continue reading

Why I Am On Hunger Strike

By Imam Sis. As the communities in Syria and Iraq were celebrating the territorial defeat of the so-called Islamic State caliphate, I too was rejoicing watching the historic images of dancing women and men, after years of violence, enslavement and oppression. When the Syrian Democratic Forces declared their victory over Isis, I was on the 98th day of my hunger strike. As a Kurd, my commitment to a world of justice, equality and democracy forced me to leave Turkey and become a political refugee in the United Kingdom 15 years ago. I have been living in Newport, Wales, since 2014, where I am actively involved in struggles for coexistence and equality. Continue reading

Imprisoned Kurdish MP Leyla Güven on Hunger Strike

IF YOU THINK BREXIT is dramatic you should be watching what is happening to the Kurds at the hands of the Turkish regime at the moment. Turkey’s ‘political genocide’ of the Kurds continues apace, with this week being a particularly busy week as Erdogan gets ready for the Turkish local elections at the end of March. Continue reading

European Court of Human Rights judgment: Case of Selahattin Demirtaş v. Turkey

This morning the European Court of Human Rights released their judgment on the case brought against Turkey by former HDP Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş. The Court ruled that Turkey has violated the European Convention on Human Rights in its imprisonment of HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and finds that Turkey must "put an end to the applicant’s pre-trial detention" and pay Demirtaş €25,000 plus tax. Continue reading

The Struggle Within a Struggle: An Analysis of South Kurdistan

In recent years, the Kurds of South Kurdistan (Bashure) have endured another struggle alongside the struggle against foreign regimes; a struggle against Kurdish parties who have consolidated power and resources in South Kurdistan through tribal politics. Here Bavil Ahmad from Portsmouth Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign shares his views on the problems facing South Kurdistan and their underlying causes. Continue reading

Bring Anna Home - Labour Party model motion

This model motion was submitted by a supporter to be used for calling on the Labour Party frontbench to demand the UK government acts to repatriate Anna Campbell's body. It would be a significant step if the official opposition made this demand. Please bring it to your local Labour Party: Continue reading

Turkey Attacks Saturday Mothers Seeking Truth & Justice

The Turkish governing party, the AKP and supporters always try, unsuccessfully, to blame the previous 'Kemalist' governments for crimes against the Kurds. This does not stand up to even the most minuscule amount of investigation as the 'Green Kemalists' (AKP) have in many ways gone even further than previous Turkish governments in their brutality against the Kurds and those seeking human rights in Turkey. It is often overlooked that perhaps 95% of so-called 'human rights' abuses in Turkey are mostly in relation to the denial of the Kurds their most basic rights.  Continue reading

UK Govt Fail to Criminalise Solidarity with Kurds.

By Mark Campbell All charges against Jim Matthews in relation to his time spent fighting against ISIS alongside the Kurdish led resistance in Northern Syria have been abandoned by the UK govt after they attempted to criminalise solidarity shown to the Kurds heroic fight against Daesh. UK volunteers who have fought against ISIS have been systematically harassed by the govt's security forces including house raids, confiscation of technology such as mobile phones and laptops and in the case of Jim Matthews charges brought under the label of 'terrorism' even though the UK govt are supposed to be part of the 'coalition against ISIS' with the Kurds.  Continue reading

Durham Miners' Gala supports freedom for Abdullah Öcalan

  This weekend at the Durham Miners’ Gala, the international theme will be the campaign to release Abdullah Öcalan, the Kurdish political prisoner and founding leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). As we approach 20 years of Öcalan’s incarceration in solitary confinement on the island prison of Imrali, it is of huge significance that one of the biggest festivals of trade union and workers movements in Europe continues its tradition of international solidarity by putting front and centre the revolutionary who transformed the Kurdish liberation movement. Continue reading