The truth about ISIS leaving Raqqa

The BBC published an article yesterday by Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati, claiming that the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces had allowed ISIS fighters to leave Raqqa, with the implication that they are now free to undertake attacks in the rest of the region and in Europe. According to Sommerville and Dalati, this constitutes a 'dirty secret' and this article has gone viral. Sadly, it is a totally disingenuous reading of the situation, based on biased sources and fake news. Continue reading

Jac Holmes - sixth British martyr falls in Raqqa

Last week we discovered the sad news that Jac Holmes, the legendary YPG volunteer from Bournemouth, had fallen in Raqqa just days after the liberation. Continue reading

Let's get the Labour Party to support the HDP!

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) of Turkey are facing state repression, arrest and incarceration as punishment for their success in elections. They need our support, and there is a simple way we can all help. Continue reading

Mehmet Aksoy

Last Tuesday, Mehmet Aksoy, a Kurdish filmmaker who grew up and lived in London, was killed in Raqqa during an ISIS attack. Continue reading

Raids on the Kurdish Community in Scotland

Following the unfair raids against the Kurdish people in Scotland, the Kurdish community have written this brilliant response: As of Wednesday 30th August 2017, the police has carried out raids on the homes of various Kurdish community members. Later, a forced entry was used to raid the Kurdish community centre in Edinburgh.   Continue reading

Stop UK Arms Sales to Turkey. Stop Genocide against the Kurds!

By Derek Wall The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign will be protesting against the DSEI arms fair in East London on Sunday 10th September.  DSEI, one of the world's largest arms fairs, will again descend on east London. The Stop the Arms Fair network have called a week of action at the venue to disrupt the setup of the arms fair. Arms are sold to such human rights abusing nations as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Israel.  Turkey is a growing market for UK arms manufacturers and Turkish weapons are used to suppress and assault the Kurds. Continue reading

Open Letter to Henry Jackson Society

A new report is being launched by the neo-conservative think tank the Henry Jackson Society on Thursday 17th August at its headquarters in Millbank Tower, Victoria, London. Entitled 'The Forgotten Foreign Fighters: The PKK in Syria', the report aims to give scholarly credibility to some of Turkey's anti-Kurdish propaganda.    Continue reading

The Guardian publishing Turkish propaganda

Some of you may have noticed that Saturday's Guardian carried an article written by the Turkish President marking the one-year anniversary of the attempted coup, in which he whitewashed Turkish war crimes in a quite remarkable fashion to proclaim his defence of 'democratic values'. Here you'll find our full response to this article, an edited version of which has been sent to the Guardian letters editor: Continue reading

Brief History of the Kurdish Struggle in Turkey

Numbering between 35-40 million worldwide, the Kurds are often referred to as the 'largest stateless people in the world'. And this is possibly true. The internationally recognised right of self-determination is denied, almost exclusively, to the Kurdish people. Continue reading