Bring Anna Home

Anna Campbell was killed in Afrin on March 15th heroically defending the Kurdish area from Turkish and jihadist invasion with the YPJ forces. If you are a member of the Labour Party, you can submit this model motion to your local party meeting - it would be a significant step forward if the official opposition made this demand of the government and would help bring this case to the attention of the country.
Anyone can write to their local MP - of any party - to demand they speak out on this matter. Here is a template letter to send to your MP to call for the UK government to allow for the repatriation of Anna Campbell's body, following the meeting between her family and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please edit as necessary depending on what party affiliation your MP has.

Dear [Insert Name] MP,

I am writing to ask your support for the family of Anna Campbell, the young feminist, antifascist who was killed by Turkish forces in Afrin where she was defending the Kurdish region from Turkey-sponsored jihadist invasion. Anna had joined the Kurdish women's forces the YPJ who defeated ISIS in northern Syria with support from coalition forces, including the heroic defence of Kobane from ISIS invasion, and have been crucial to establishing a socialist, feminist, cooperative society in Rojava, northern Syria.

Anna's family are devastated that Turkey has ignored its Geneva Convention obligations of allowing the safe reclaiming of the bodies of those killed in warfare as Anna's body lies in the spot where she was killed on March 15th. The family met with Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt who said that, if the family could supply the location of Anna's body, he would take action to pressure Turkey to allow in International Committee of the Red Cross workers to locate and retrieve Anna's body. It is thought that Turkey do not want this to happen as it would reveal to the Red Cross the war crimes that have been committed by Turkey and their jihadist allies. With great difficulty and emotional pain, Anna's family worked with the YPG and YPJ forces to establish the exact location of Anna's body. They supplied the information to Mr Burt, who has failed to act on behalf of this grieving family as he had promised. Full details explained in this Morning Star article:

Please call on Alistair Burt to make firm representations to the Turkish government to allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to enter Afrin and retrieve Anna's body and bring it home to her family so they can have some sort of closure. Please push for the Labour Party frontbench to speak out on this for the sake of Anna's family and in memory of a young woman who chose to join the International Brigadiers in protecting against violence, injustice and evil. 

Yours sincerely,
[Insert Name and Postal Address]


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  • Faryad Jafar
    commented 2018-07-12 09:05:15 +0100
    Please sign and share ! Let’s get her home
  • Oscar Kary
    commented 2018-07-09 21:53:31 +0100
    We need to get her home and we need to reveal the injustice that the Turkish government is trying to conceal.
  • Debbie Gardiner
    commented 2018-07-06 20:35:38 +0100
    Please sign and share ! Let’s get her home 😢
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    Bring Anna Home - Write to your MP demanding the repatriation of Anna Campbell's body from Turkish-occupied Afrin #BringAnnaHome
  • @KurdsCampaign tweeted this page. 2018-07-05 10:45:29 +0100
    Bring Anna Home - Write to your MP demanding the repatriation of Anna Campbell's body from Turkish-occupied Afrin #BringAnnaHome