Bring Anna Home - Labour Party model motion

This model motion was submitted by a supporter to be used for calling on the Labour Party frontbench to demand the UK government acts to repatriate Anna Campbell's body. It would be a significant step if the official opposition made this demand. Please bring it to your local Labour Party:

Solidarity with Kurdistan - bring Anna home

This CLP notes

  • Anna Campbell, the young feminist, antifascist who had joined the Kurdish women's forces, the YPJ, was killed by Turkish forces in Afrin where she was defending the Kurdish region from Turkey-sponsored jihadist invasion.
  • Turkey has ignored its Geneva Convention obligations of allowing the safe reclaiming of the bodies of those killed in warfare.
  • The Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt has failed to act on behalf of this grieving family as he had promised, despite them providing the exact location of Anna’s body as requested.

This CLP believes  

  • The heroism of international volunteers and the YPJ/YPG is to be applauded, and recognised as seminal in the fight to secure a secular, socialist and democratic peace in the region.
  • Anna’s family deserves, at the very least, to be able to commemorate the life of their beloved daughter.

This CLP resolves

  • To call on the Labour Party, in particular its front bench, to demand that Alistair Burt make firm representations to the Turkish government to allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to enter Afrin and retrieve Anna's body.

Anna Campbell in Rojava