Jac Holmes - sixth British martyr falls in Raqqa

Last week we discovered the sad news that Jac Holmes, the legendary YPG volunteer from Bournemouth, had fallen in Raqqa just days after the liberation.

Jac was a long-serving volunteer, having done three distinct stints with the YPG, and had been in Rojava continuously for over a year when he fell. Jac wanted to see the annihilation of ISIS, which he accomplished in Raqqa, and stayed afterwards to help clear the area of landmines so it would be safe for civilians.

Tributes poured in from his comrades, friends and family and reports were published in The Guardian, BBC, and Independent, as well as in other print and broadcast media, local radio and BBC television news.

Condolences to his mother Angie, father Peter, and all family, friends and comrades. He was a legendary and highly-respected fighter, who learnt Kurdish fluently and became an integral figure in the YPG, earning the adulation of Kurds and foreign fighters alike. Sehid namirin, the martyrs are immortal!

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