Write to your MP to demand repatriation of Anna Campbell

On 15th March, a Turkish airstrike hit the convoy in which British citizen Anna Campbell was travelling in Afrin. Although Anna died immediately, her body lies in the same spot where she died due to the continued fighting and occupation of Afrin - her YPJ comrades attempted to recover her body as well as the other YPJ volunteers killed in the airstrike but they came under fire themselves and had to retreat. Please use this letter template to write to your local MP to demand an immediate ceasefire in Afrin to allow for the safe passage of Anna Campbell's body back home to England.

Please note that you must include your full name and address in all correspondence (postal mail and email) so that your MP is able to prove that you are a constituent.

You can find your MP and their contact details here.

You can download a Microsoft Word version of the letter here to print and send by post. Or alternatively, use this format to email your MP:

Dear [Name of MP]

Support the repatriation of Anna Campbell who was recently killed in Afrin, Syria

I am writing to you regarding Anna Campbell, who was killed by a Turkish airstrike in Afrin, northern Syria on March 15th 2018. Anna travelled to Syria in May 2017 and joined the YPJ who fought as part of the US-backed SDF alongside the international coalition forces to defeat ISIS and other jihadist organisations.

On January 20th Britain’s NATO ally Turkey, along with the Free Syrian Army, launched Operation Olive Branch, an invasion of the peaceful people of Afrin in northern Syria. The attack has been widely condemned and is likely to be in breach of international law and the Geneva Convention. According to the Afrin Health Council, at the time of writing at least 500 people have been killed in the invasion with many more maimed and injured. Since Turkish forces took control of parts of Afrin city there have been reports of beheadings, looting and the destruction of Kurdish symbols including a statue of Kawa the Blacksmith. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled.

In January, Anna went to Afrin with YPJ and YPG units to help defend it from the Turkish attack and invasion by its jihadist mercenary allies, including remnants of ISIS and al-Qaeda. Sadly, on March 15th Anna was killed by a Turkish airstrike which targeted the vehicle she was travelling in.

In the wake of the poisoning of a Russian spy and his daughter, the Prime Minister said that she would “never tolerate a threat to the lives of British civilians.” However she has remained silent over the killing of Anna. Anna’s father, Dirk Campbell, has called on the British government to negotiate a ceasefire with its NATO ally Turkey to allow Anna’s body to be recovered and brought home.

Turkey has been violating the UN Security Council Ceasefire Resolution 2401 since the day it was passed and the UK is signing arms deals in the hope that the initial £100 million Tx fighter jet deal will be worth billions to the British economy. It is with great regret to see that our own nationals and allies could have been killed with our weapons.

I am writing to you to ask for your assistance in raising the demand for a ceasefire to bring Anna home as a matter of urgency both in Parliament and with the Prime Minister. Further to this I would ask that you call for an end to British arms sales to Turkey and call for a halt to its invasion of Afrin and other areas of northern Syria.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

[Your Address]

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