Seventh British YPG martyr falls in Raqqa - RIP Oliver Hall

Further tragic news from Raqqa this week as was announced late last night that Oliver Hall, a 24 year old British YPG volunteer from Gosport, Hants, was killed in Raqqa last Saturday whilst clearing mines.

Oliver had joined the YPG last August and taken part in the liberation struggle against ISIS, staying on after the liberation of Raqqa in order to make the city inhabitable. In responding to the call to join the revolutionary forces of the YPG, Ollie displayed incredible commitment and bravery in the face of great danger. Like Jac Holmes, who fell in Raqqa in October, Oliver lost his life not in battle but taking part in humanitarian work, underlining the volunteers' dedication not just to the fight against ISIS but to the creation of a new and better future for the people of Raqqa.

The YPG said:

"Comrade Canşêr Zagros, who joined the ranks of People’s Defense Units from United Kingdom when the Raqqa Campaign was going on, actively took part in various fields of work. Like many other Internationalist comrades who made ultimate sacrifice during Raqqa Operation, Comrade Canşêr had been trying to fulfill his duties and responsibilities for months and had a great labor.

As YPG and YPJ we once again commemorate Comrade Canşêr and all the Internationalist revolutionary martyrs. We’d like to extend our sympathy to our martyr’s family."

Our deepest condolences to the family of Oliver Hall, who have requested no press intrusion at this moment so they can come to terms with this tragedy. Media requests should instead be forwarded to

As an international revolutionary who responded to the YPG's call for volunteers to help the defeat of fascism in Syria, Oliver's heroism will live on forever. He took on a cause thousands of miles away and made it his own - indeed, it is the cause of humanity, peace and justice. Sehid namirin - the martyrs are immortal.




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