President Erdoğan UK state visit

The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign is organising a massive protest on Tuesday 15th May outside Downing Street to oppose their hosting of war criminal, terrorist and ISIS-supporting President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is due to arrive on Sunday 13th May for a 3 day visit.

The protest will take place from 10am on the 15th culminating in a rally at 1pm outside Downing Street, under the title ‘TAMAM Erdogan, Time To Go!’ referencing his electoral campaign. It is well-documented that the Turkish state has financially and militarily backed jihadist elements in Syria including during its invasion and occupation of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, ongoing since January 2018. In the process of its invasion, the Turkish airforce killed Anna Campbell, a British citizen, using military hardware built in Britain and bought thanks to arms sales licenses granted by Theresa May’s government. Now, as a result of Britain’s collusion in Turkey’s illegal invasion, Kurds and Yazidis in Afrin who fled there to escape Islamic State are subjected once more to persecution under the same Salafi terrorist rule.

Turkey has carried out multiple human rights violations against Kurds inside Turkey too, including the massacres in 2016 in Cizre, Silopi and Nusaybin, not to mention the ongoing state of emergency and daily political and cultural repression. Whilst President Erdoğan attempts to fool the world that the early elections he has called for June will be democratic, thousands of activists and elected politicians of the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) rot in jail including the former parliamentary leaders Selahattin Dermitaş and Figen Yüksekdağ. On top of this, Turkey is the world’s number one for imprisoning journalists.

This visit must be opposed strongly by all those who are disgusted by the UK government’s debasement of basic humanitarian values through its collusion in Turkey's sordid war on Kurds, serving only to cause displacement and genocide in order to line the pockets of arms companies. Like Netanyahu and Prince Bin Salman before him, Erdoğan is not welcome here.



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