What can we do to show our solidarity with Kurdistan?

What practical actions can we take?

Firstly, please sign up to the Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign so we can contact you with any news on what's happening. Please also check that our emails aren't going to your junk folder!

Secondly, we will keep people updated through email, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and on this website, with any new campaigns. These include campaigns against Turkish aggression, lobbying British politicians and policymakers, events with local Kurdish communities in this country, memorials for martyrs who fell fighting against ISIS and support for those British volunteers fighting with the YPG who have found themselves criminalised upon their return.

Thirdly, spread the word! Learn about the Kurdish struggle, learn Kumanji if you have a passion for languages, and speak to people about the Kurds. Many people have never heard of Kurdistan, or Rojava, let alone know that the Kurds are on the frontline of the fight against ISIS in Syria. The more people find out, the more likely they are to join with us in supporting the Kurdish struggle.

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