Why should we support Kurdistan?

What has the Kurdish struggle got to do with us?

The Kurdish forces in Western Kurdistan - the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, or Rojava - are currently fighting the forces of Islamic State (Daesh) and have been successfully defeating them, and are currently on the verge of expelling them from their de facto capital of Raqqa. Islamic State have attempted to capture areas of Rojava including Kobanî, creating hundreds of thousands of displaced people, untold misery, death and destruction, but the Kurdish forces have successfully repelled them. In the midst of the rubble, the governing party in Rojava have started to rebuild a democratic, egalitarian and feminist society, in sharp contrast to the virulent misogyny of Islamic State, the remnants of which are left visibly and psychologically in the areas from which they are expelled.

The violent, misogynist, authoritarian death cult of ISIS has influenced terror attacks all over the world, as well as unleashing instability in the Middle East. The best hope for security and stability at home and abroad - for the defeat of ISIS - is for the Kurdish struggle to succeed in its aims of replacing the death and destruction of ISIS with the hope and transformation of Rojava. 

Unfortunately, history has shown that support for the Kurds is few and far between. Indeed there is a proverb that the Kurds have 'No friends but the mountains'. Britain's military and NATO ally in the region is Turkey, who have waged a vicious and repressive war on the Kurds for decades, attempting to destroy their culture, language and national identity. Their war crimes have been highlighted by the United Nations - and yet, the plight of the Kurds is barely mentioned in the mainstream media, nor in parliament, thanks to the stranglehold that the Turkish regime operate in suppressing pro-Kurdish voices.

Those concerned with human rights, in particular the rights of women and minorities, should naturally lend their support to the Kurds.

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